Attention Affiliate Marketers! Want to Get Your Products In Front Of Highly Targeted Audience!

If you get your products in front of a targeted market, you stand a good chance you are going to make an affiliate sale, which in turn means that you are going to your commission.Therefore if you are an affiliate marketer, you will agree that you are consistently trying to get your products in front of Highly Targeted Audience.However, you should always be conscious of staying away from spamming or even having your market regard you as spam if you intend to build a reputable business.In this article, I am going to teach a technique which is not a new technique. Still, it is an effective marketing technique especially if you are looking to market at low cost, affiliate and landing page friendly, scalable, no spam and effective marketing technique that is opened and read by your target market.You will use this technique in your marketing activities to get in front of a more Highly Targeted Audience. Irrespective of how you get in front of your audience currently.This low-cost marketing technique is Ezine Marketing. You may not have heard of Ezine Marketing before, or perhaps you are like me and have heard of it but didn’t take much note of it.However, either way, if you are not using Ezine Marketing part of your marketing activities, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.Now I would like to mention that Ezine Marketing is not spamming.I specifically mention this right now as I have recently been a victim of spam and I caught off guard was annoyed. ( and I am an affiliate marketer).This marketer was blatantly spamming my blog by leaving a comment only to promote.Even though annoyed, my thoughts went to those who are not affiliate marketers and how annoying they get.So spamming, unfortunately, is still happening despite all the great efforts to rid the world of it although there has been a significant reduction of spam to previous years.The point is that you don’t want to come across in your marketing efforts as a spammer.However, you can be more productive and effective by focussing your attention on a better and more targeted audience through ezine marketing.What Is EzinesFor those who may not have heard of it or those who are not that familiar with it?Ezine is an electronic magazine. The “E” from the word “electronic” and the “zine” from the word “magazine” is combined to make “ezine”.Similarly to subscribing to a magazine and have it delivered to your address, you would also subscribe to an ezine (which is an electronic magazine) and have it delivered to your address – this time it is to your email address.Never Going To Be Spam So please note – these ezines delivered to an audience who have subscribed to them. The result being ezine marketing is never spam.Ezines Opened And ReadEzine marketing is so effective as ezines get opened and read because the audience has all subscribed to receive them.The Ezine community is used to receiving ezines and therefore, are expecting some level of controlled marketing.Without Spamming So I hope you are noticing that Ezine marketing is a great way to get your product in front of a highly targeted audience without spamming.Build Your ListEzine marketing is a great way to build your list. It would be best if you were growing your list every day and ezines can help you build a highly targeted list as you can focus on a specific demographic age group culture etc.Affiliate Friendly And Landing Page Friendly You don’t have to be dictated by the social media platforms anymore as they force you to direct your audience, as you can send them straight to an affiliate link or to a landing page. So, therefore, Ezines are also affiliate friendly and landing page friendly.Short Mini-Course If you want to know more about getting involved with ezine marketing I have a quick mini-course to offer you that will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision to go ahead with ezine marketing or not.The course is short video training with easy to understand chunks of information so that you can put what you learn into action.It is delivered by the worlds first, and best DOE is the worlds first and best ezine resource for ezines advertising.So is this for you?So With Ezine Marketing, You Can Target Your Exact Market Avatar With Your Products1. Affordable2. Highly targeted3. Email marketing brings a high ROI4. Many ad types to choose from5. Affiliate friendly6. Capture page friendly7. Scalable

BigLaw: A Long Investor In The Branding Market

The BigLaw BrandIn our age of competition and connectedness, law firms face an unprecedented challenge of branding, and BigLaw – the world’s biggest and most successful law firms – tend to play the long game. For BigLaw to “win”, it must continue to enhance its business brand in order to attract and retain its clients and its lawyers. The question is: Are its lawyers playing the same game?The Personal BrandIn today’s mobile job market, many lawyers may be shorting the market. And they have the tools to do so; the very same, standard equipment that BigLaw issues to each lawyer when she joins the team. Any lawyer intent on “winning” quickly learns to use those tools to build expertise in an area(s) of market opportunity plus a personal brand to market it.Personal Brands Distinguish AttorneysAt Penn Law School’s Inaugural Women’s Summit, approximately 200 members of the Penn Law community gathered to celebrate the leadership and trailblazing work of Penn’s national and international women lawyers. As the Summit made clear, Penn Law’s women have a lot of wins, branding and otherwise, to celebrate.The agenda included a session captioned “Building Your Professional Brand, Online and Offline”, during which panelists and attendees shared the significance of individual branding as a business development tool. They discussed the importance of creating a specialty practice, and the many ways in which to declare oneself an expert – by blogging, posting articles on LinkedIn and Facebook, posting pictures on Instagram, hosting personal and professional websites, tweeting, speaking at conferences, and participating in trade events.In addition to developing business, branding helps attorneys take control of, and effectively own, law practices. Consequently, personal branding plays an important role in accelerating a lawyer’s journey to professional achievement, increasing her value within the law firm, and contributing to the firm’s financial success. It is no wonder that BigLaw supports its lawyers in developing their individual brands – those brands are as important for individual attorneys as they are for the law firm.Personal Brands Support BigLaw BrandsDiverse and robust personal branding creates exciting and dynamic law firms. Each BigLaw brand represents a collection of talent that inspires and attracts lawyers and clients alike. BigLaw pays a myriad of expenses related to its lawyers’ executive coaches, seminars, and extensive professional development programs. BigLaw fully supports its lawyers in the effort to create and maintain personal brands.From its perspective, helping lawyers develop distinctive expertise and specialized skills both elevates its lawyers and brings new clients to the law firm, where – in addition to receiving top quality legal services – these new clients will come to value the law firm’s brand. In fact, the more numerous and the stronger the brands of individual lawyers, the healthier and more productive the law firm and the more effectively it can attract clients, grow, and cross-sell its services. As a result, each branded law firm is full of branded lawyers – in the ranks of both partners and associates.Business Versus Personal Branding: Which Is The Best Investment?To the extent that personal brands distinguish one lawyer from another and build recognition for professional excellence, they increase a lawyer’s value within the law firm – and without.There is now a perfect storm of attorney attrition and increased personal branding (indeed, social media makes personal branding easier than ever before). Personal branding allows lawyers to maintain a web presence on both law firm websites and personal websites, and to carefully curate their respective brands on each one.Is it wise for BigLaw to continue assuming that its business brand will trump the personal, portable brands of its lawyers?To win the long game, BigLaw can’t lose its all-stars to another team. To the contrary, its all-stars need to acknowledge personal achievements but place a higher value on the team’s success. The BigLaw brand will remain strong only if its lawyers are able to merge, yet also maintain ownership and autonomy over, their distinct brands.There will always be competition among BigLaw brands, but there should not be competition among any one BigLaw business brand and the personal brands of its lawyers. By banding – and branding – together, just like Penn Law’s women, everyone has a win to celebrate!

7 Best Ways to Save Money on Your Renters Insurance

Looking to save money on your renters insurance? Want to know how do it? Here are the 7 best ways to save money on your renters insurance.1. Go Shopping For Rate QuotesFar and away the best way to save on your renters insurance is to get rate quotes from as many companies as you can, then compare those quotes and go with the best one. You can save a lot of time by going to an insurance comparison website where you can get quotes from a number of A-rated companies quickly and easily. (See link below.)2. Get the Highest Deductible You Can AffordThe deductible is the money that you pay toward a claim before your insurer will pay. By raising your deductible you can lower your premium by up to 40%.3. Get a Multiple Policy DiscountMost companies will give you a 5% to 15% discount if you purchase both your auto and renters policies through them. You will also have only one agent and one company to deal with.4. Install Security DevicesYou can get a good sized discount on your policy by installing such security devices as burglar alarms, dead bolts, and window locks. Installing these devices will also give you peace of mind knowing that you’re protected from burglars.5. Install Safety DevicesInstalling safety devices like smoke alarms, or purchasing a fire extinguisher, will usually get you a discount. Even if you can’t get a discount you should have these items anyway.6. Clean Up Your CreditMany companies now check your credit rating. If you have a bad credit rating they may consider you a high risk and charge you more for your policy. You can get your credit report free from any of the major credit agencies like Experian or Equifax.7. Get All the Discounts You’re Eligible ForMost companies offer all kinds of discounts. Some of these discounts include senior discounts, non-smoker discounts, gated community discounts, and a host of others. Ask you insurer to give you all the discounts you’re eligible for.