Nautical Wall Decor – Creative Ideas For Nautical Wall Decor

When we read the word nautical wall decor, the first thing which comes to mind is water related scenes such as beaches, underwater tropical scenes, fish, starfish, ships, sailors. As a designer it is required by you that these things get incorporated into whatever space you are trying to decorate into various forms.This does not mean that you should bring fish and boats into your home. You can create symbolic design features that will give an impression of a nautical life style. A country decorating style can be used to create scenes similar to the interiors of a big launch that is used to travel long distance sea travels.Imagine the scene that you will be able to see from inside of a ship that is deep into the sea. You will see the ocean, seaboards, and palm tree avenues along the beaches. Such kind of visual effect can be easily created in your master bedroom using lighting effects or full size wallpapers.The bottom line is to create an expressive environment that will remind the user of sea life. If you want to be more creative you can even use the double bed that represents a boat shaped container. Lighting fixtures can be of oriental style in the form of lanterns like they use on ships. You can even use a small hammock in a teenager’s bedroom that will represent fishnet.The color scheme you can use for nautical wall decor can be a combination of white, blue, and green to represent the natural colors. Wooden paneling on interior walls that can remind you of rustic cabin interiors of a beach house can create a dramatic effect. Thus nautical wall decor can be created using simple common sense ideas and can be affordable too.Copyright Shrinivas Vaidya.

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