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Nutrition Focused Physical Exam and Its Benefits

Malnutrition is either an excess or a deficiency in the intake of food nutrients. It has been a prevailing problem in the world’s public health and it is very alarming how diseases with regards to malnutrition can cause mortalities in all parts of the world.

Fighting and eliminating malnutrition is everyone’s desire. But due to a lot of reasons, malnutrition is still rampant. Total elimination of malnutrition might be far from impossible but prevention and detection of malnutrition can be done.
Health nutrition assessment is an important tool in the detection of nutritional problems. It helps in determining underlying diseases. Health nutrition assessment is a step by step process and part of it is the nutrition focused physical exam. It is a systematic process wherein signs and symptoms are determined from the data gathered from a client.

In this type of exam, history is first taken from the clients. Subjective data like the type and amount of food taken daily and any genetic connections are collected. After that a thorough head to toe physical exam can be done to check for any abnormalities. Then, laboratory or diagnostic tests might be done to further explain and complete the assessment. As a whole, this part of the exam helps to unravel and formulate treatment for diseases. Thus, the health nutrition examination can benefit a lot of sectors in the society.

All medical practitioners utilize nutrition focused physical exam to get evidences and solve the medical case. It is very important to consider nutrition as a contributing factor in the disease of the client. Solutions can be developed from the physical signs and symptoms that the client will manifest.

Moreover, health nutrition examination is also used by professional dietitians. They perform this examination in order to determine what type of diet and recommend the needed caloric intake for the client. The data gathered from the assessment can help them picture out the real underlying health problem.

In schools, malnutrition can affect the education of the students. It can bother the daily activities of the student and can alter his learning process. That is why physical exam on nutrition is done to check any observable lesions or physical abnormalities which can be a sign of nutrition-related diseases.

It can be helpful to mothers in their respective homes. Mothers make it sure that the health and nutrition of their kids are monitored. A keen eye of the mother can be helpful in seeking immediate medical advice and will surely prevent any further complications.

Lastly, knowledge on nutrition focused exam is vital to every individual. We are the masters of our own body. We are conscious of the type of food we eat and it is our responsibility to monitor our weight always. That is why also any physical change which is not normal is obviously within our awareness. We can do the assessment on our own and without any waste of time can seek the medical experts to avoid any complications.

How to Survive a Tax Audit

More and more people are creating what is called a “bucket list”. A bucket list is a numbers of activities that a person wants to complete before their life is over. Running a marathon, standing on the Great Wall of China, scuba diving off the Great Barrier Reef, or dinner in Paris, are a few activities that have made it to several lists. It is unlikely that getting audited by the Canadian Revenue Agency or (C.R.A.) would be on anyone’s bucket list. The fact is that each year private tax payers and businesses are audited by the C.R.A.So what happens if you receive a notice from the C.R.A. with those six little words, “it is time for an audit”? Don’t Panic. All hope is not lost. There are ways to go through an audit and come out alive and well. In this article we will show you how to survive a tax audit.Who gets audited?The C.R.A. has a few methods in place that determine who will be audited. In a few cases, the C.R.A. acts on tips but generally the C.R.A. does not have spies in every corner. They do not have time or the resources to listen to accusations from jealous competitors or neighbors. In many cases the C.R.A. is looking for tax return with “abnormal exceptions”. These are returns that stand out when compared to similar returns in that particular industry, for businesses, or similar demographics for personal income tax filings.In business, there maybe deductions that fall outside the normal deductions bench marked in that industry. Perhaps, travel expenses are higher for a particular business when compared to similar businesses in the area because they may have been bidding for a contract overseas.A family may have experienced higher than normal medical expenses for a child that was diagnosed with a learning disability and needed intense therapy during the year.A Tax filing can be re-assessed up to 3 or 4 years depending upon the corporation, after the mailing date of the original assessment.Types of AuditsThere are two types of audits, a C.R.A. office audit and a field audit. It is highly recommended that you have your professional accountant, like Numbers Plus, present during any audit. Wherever the audit takes place basically the same documents will be reviewed. For businesses, these documents may include but not restricted to the tax return, financial statements of the business, ledgers, bank accounts, sales orders, sale invoices, purchase orders and expense accounts. All of these documents will be reviewed in support of the items on the tax return. If the audit is conducted at the place of business, the auditor may talk to employees to obtain further clarification on any particular issue.If the audit is regarding a personal tax return then documents such as travel receipts, medical expenses and any other documents that support the filing in question will be required.What happens next?After completion of the audit, the C.R.A. auditor will prepare a list of adjustments for the return in question and preset them to the business owner or taxpayer. You should review these adjustments with your professional accountant as you may need to provide the C.R.A. will additional documentation to clarify the issues in question. After reviewing the adjustments with your professional accountant you can meet with the C.R.A. to come to an agreement. Once an agreement has been reached a new Notice of Assessment will be issued outlining the changes agreed upon.What happens if we cannot agree?If an agreement cannot be reached over the new assessment, the Taxpayer has the right to file a notice of objection form within 90 days from when the new notice of reassessment has been mailed.The Appeals division of the C.R.A. will assign an appeal officer who is not familiar with the case to review the assessment. Once that officer has made their ruling the taxpayer can agree or they can appeal to the Tax Court of Canada. At this point we highly recommend that your professional accountant work with your lawyer to determine the best course of action.Keep the pain to a minimumThe easiest way to keep the pain to a minimum is to keep accurate, detailed and up to date records. If you cannot provide proper documentation for a deduction, then it is best not to claim it.In all cases the C.R.A. holds the business owner or personal taxpayer responsible for keeping their records up to date. Tax records must be kept for a period of 6 years following the year that the records relate.With the various software and computer hardware platforms in use today, the taxpayer is responsible to making sure the records can be converted to a readable format required by the C.R.A..It is a safe bet to make that the tax audit experience is not high on anyone’s bucket list. However by following the steps mentioned and working close with your professional accountant, you can survive the audit with minimal expense and time spent.

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